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Reader: Police brutality rallies are a f*cking joke

Isa Jones's post about a Twitter exchange between Anonymous and the Denver Police Department after a police-brutality rally at which demonstrators say cops pushed elderly women and children prompted some fiery exchanges -- none more so than the following take, in which a reader has harsh words for protesters.

Prole writes:

What a fucking joke. Carrying black flags and masking up but cowering and screaming when they actually get charged by the pigs? Any self-respecting social antagonist wouldn't go to any of these marches. More free practice for the Denver Police Department, once a month. Keep draining the coffers of anyone dumb enough to be donating to your useless bail fund. Fuck occupy, fuck "anonymous" and fuck delusions of social change. EVERYTHING MUST GO. When liberal, bullshit reformism isn't the flavor of the day, maybe you'll be able to attract someone that can ACTUALLY STOP an arrest from happening at a demonstration.

God, just fucking kill yourselves.

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