Columbus Day protests: not like last year's

Russell Means.

Columbus Day protests are an annual staple in Denver. But Saturday's drizzly, arrest-free version was a calmer-than-usual affair, since folks like Glenn Spagnuolo decided in advance to dial down the confrontation for fear of overtaxing lawyers up to their necks in post-Democratic National Convention-related casework. But those who miss the usual faceoffs can still mark the official holiday today, when Columbus Day is formally observed, by looking back at last year's more eventful festivities (in 2007, 83 naysayers were cited by authorities). Below, find a film shot from the viewpoint of American Indian Movement protesters like Russell Means and Glenn Morris and another offering courtesy of Slapstick Politics. -- Michael Roberts

Columbus Day AIM Protest Denver 2007 Film:

Slapstick Politics' take: