Reader: "Coloradans Deserve to Have an Answer About JonBenet"

"The Coldest Case," Alan Prendergast, December 18

A Case for Justice

I thought I knew about the JonBenét Ramsey case, but I read every word of Alan Prendergast's story. Not only was it as well-written as a mystery novel, but it also showed that there are still mysteries to solve about this case. Coloradans deserve to have an answer about who killed JonBenét — and she deserves justice.
Trudie Harrison

What is missing from the very detailed article about the Ramsey case is more information about the Whites. All we are told is that Mr. White worked for his father in California in mineral exploration. Why did they move to Boulder? Did your reporter talk to anyone about the Whites, the way that he seems to have tracked down anyone that knows the Ramsey family? Are they generally regarded as being honest and trustworthy? Since so much of the story is based on their history, shouldn't we be told more about them?
Dick Weissman

Priscilla White noticed that Patsy's handwriting was different, altered in several respects from what it had been before the death of JonBenét.

That's the only thing valuable in this article. Everything else was ancillary to the case. Remember the case? It is what Patsy did to JonBenét. Even if the Whites' effort to get the grand-jury info released succeeds, it will do nothing to clarify what Patsy did. The grand jury could not figure out who did what between John and Patsy.

Try to do something along those lines.
Mark Soukup
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Seriously, no one cared when it happened. You know how many kids die every day? This isn't news; it's a part of life.
Peter Handler
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"Vending Machine," Kiernan Maletsky, December 18

Ticket to Chide

Just paid over $40 in fees on two Foo Fighters tickets through AXS. Boo. And why can't they make tickets in the regular shape and size that fit in a wallet?!
Jane Mueller
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"No Place Like Home," Kyle Harris, December 11

A Home run

Actually, there are a few "Spanish" families that have been in Swansea just as long, if not longer, than the Valentines. I grew up there since '76 and my relatives have been around there since the late '50s.
David Herrera
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Kyle Harris's article "No Place Like Home" deserves an award. Where can I cast my vote for it?
Brother Love