Reader: Westword Finally Gets It Right!

"All That Jazz," Jamie Siebrase, January 8

Building for the future

Wow! A great piece of journalism published by Westword! I didn't know you guys had it in you still. Kudos to Jamie Siebrase for a very well-written article! The rest of Westword's "Hot or Not, Hate or Love, Top 10" writers should take lessons from Jamie on how to actually write instead of publishing gibberish time and time again and rehashing articles that are months, if not years, old.

N. Greeley

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What a lovely article about the Rossonian Hotel! However, I believe you have an error.

My aunt, Charlotte Cowans (not Collins), older sister of local Tuskegee Airman John W. Mosley, is the gracious and spectacular local pianist with perfectly arched eyebrows on the wall of the Deep Rock Water building who played at the Rossonian.

Joan Daugherty


Ask A Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, January 8

Alien Nation

Señor Arellano should be ashamed of himself for his reply to Gringa in Mañanaland. She (a white female) was disconcerted to find that a college class she was taking, Latina Pop Culture, was less of an indoctrination into the "rich Latino culture" (as was her naive hope) and more of a grievance-fest for the Latinas who dominated the class. Their overarching focus was on how they have been oppressed and stereotyped by Anglo culture, and they made the few white females in the class feel defensive and apologetic.

Rather than take his fellow Hispanics to task, Arellano chastises Gringa as being "self-victimizing." If Sr. Arellano's wish was to alienate any and all "gabachos" who read his column, he could scarcely have done a better job.

Mark Herzfeld


Editor's note: Gustavo Arellano was in Denver Tuesday to talk to a group about Buffalo Bill. Read about it on Cafe Society.

"Rental Health," Ana McKenzie, December 11

last but not lease

I appreciated the article and would like to see more. I am new to Colorado and surprised that the people here tolerate landlords doubling rent on someone. Just because you are able to do it does not make it right. If landlords cannot control themselves, should not the profession or even government give them some help?

Judith Wascher


Howlingly amusing letters from Ms. Carpenter and Ms. Doozer in the December 18 issue: "time for socialism" and "rich entitled douchebags with no culture."


Personal failure hurts, you know why? It's supposed to.

C. Sean McManus