The Birthday Party That Changed Guitarist Peter Stelling's Life

When Annabel Lukins Stelling turned forty last year, she and her husband hosted one hell of a birthday bash. Two hundred fifty friends, many involved in the Colorado or national music communities, were strewn across the lawn of her Boulder home. "I am not the only one who thinks my wife is awesome," says Peter Stelling. Lukins Stelling has long been involved in the music industry. She's spent the past eleven years working for the floating festival Jam Cruise, where she is currently director of artist relations, and she and Stelling routinely host touring musicians at their home.

One frequent guest is New Orleans-based guitarist and songwriter Anders Osborne. He met Lukins Stelling more than twenty years ago, and they have been close ever since; in fact, he debuted a song about her a couple of weeks ago. He also played at her birthday party last year, which, much to everyone's surprise, proved a life-altering experience for her husband.