Music Video Premiere: Shatterproof Decries the Beaten Path in "Cookie Cutter Life"

Shatterproof, a Fort Collins-based alternative rock band, has made waves over the last year in the Colorado scene. Not only did the young band win a coveted spot at the Warped Tour, and open for Switchfoot at the Budweiser Event Center, they were also accepted into the 2014 SpokesBUZZ class as the youngest band to ever do so.

As a band made up of eighteen- to twenty-year-olds, they are still creating their musical future. Their debut song "Cookie Cutter Life" is a ballad of the terror and excitement that follows their young adult lives as musicians. The music video was directed and produced by Hudson Bloom, of Phoco.

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"We are at a point as musicians where we aren't big enough or making enough money to tour as a living, so were at a point of looking for backup plans while doing this," says Branson Hog, lead vocalist and guitarist. "I was working this job using all of my spare time to pay for classes that I didn't want to take..'Cookie Cutter Life' is about feeling trapped in a hole you cant get out of."

"It's like with any dream," says drummer Banji Spoliansky. "Your teachers say go to college, your parents say go to college, your peers are in college. And it's terrifying to not follow the norm, which is the 'Cookie Cutter Life.'"

The video is a dramatic cinematic tribute to the song's underlying theme. Bloom has been working creatively with Shatterproof since high school, where he and the band met. This is the fourth music video he has created with them, and he hopes their collaboration will continue.

"One thing I am so pumped for is for when they go on tour and I can be behind the scenes with them. It has that vibe that is just something so interesting and intense," he says. "I could do Warped tour everyday. I love seeing the raw, uncut emotion for it. We've already agreed that when we go on tour, I will be there with them."

Touring may not be too far away for Shatterproof "We are young and unsigned," says Hoog. "We wrote it ourselves, we produced it ourselves.

"We all have done so much on this. This video was made by an unsigned, small band from Fort Collins. I think that makes it really special."

Behind the scenes footage: To check out more of Shatterproof's music and videos, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. To see more of Bloom's work, follow him on Twitter and "like" his director page.


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