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Cricket on the Hill Was the Great Equalizer of the Denver Music Scene

From 1963 until March 15, 2008 The Cricket On The Hill (located at 1209 East 13th Avenue) was a dive bar that hosted bands of pretty much every conceivable genre and level of notoriety. Denver's godfathers of noise Page 27 played there -- so did nearly every other band in town over the years. It wasn't fancy, although the sound system, when properly operated, was better than you would guess.

It was a staple, and if you played and people showed up and drank, you got paid. Which is more than can be said of many other venues of the time or even today. I first went to Cricket in January of 1999 to see Rainbow Sugar, S-Fro-7 and Orbit Service. But I didn't really take many pictures then, and the photos presented here come almost entirely come from the club's final year of existence.

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