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Denver Does Denver Proved the Lack of Barriers in the Local Scene

In 2009 and 2010, Yuzo Nieto of Pink Hawks and Adam Gildar put together a festival of a different stripe: The concept was that Denver bands covered songs by their own favorite Denver bands. The result was an eclectic and affectionate affair featuring obscure and more well-known artists.

The covers were only sometimes faithful, but the larger point was something like expanding awareness of local music and cultivating a greater sense of community and solidarity in the Denver scene generally, the final two years of which is preserved in part in the snapshots here. The Flobots, Mike Marchant and Houses participated in the 2010 Denver Does Denver, but I wasn't able to shoot pictures. Also not pictured is Slight Harp, which covered Pictureplane. (For the sake of posterity, Marchant covered the Pseudo Dates).

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