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Support From Denver Helped Residual Kid Attract a Massive Label Deal

Denver is a music haven, there's no debating it. The city is constantly referred to when people talk about vibrant music scenes and collaborative spirits, and is full of some damn good artists. It even has more venues than "live music capital of the world" Austin, TX.

The benefit of that enthusiasm for music is not limited to Denver bands, as it turns out. Today, Residual Kid (of -- hey! -- Austin) announced that it had signed with Sire, the label co-founded by Warner VP Seymour Stein. In doing so, it joins Madonna, the Talking Heads, the Replacements and more. And Denver deserves some of the credit.

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"Denver has been everything," says manager Bart Dahl (who is based here). "It's produced the photos and the excitement and the ticket sales that get people interested in bands. To me, Denver feels like a hometown for Residual Kid."

The punk band caught the attention of people like Virgil Dickerson of Greater Than Collective at SXSW, and for good reason. The three actual kids (the oldest member is fourteen) blend together fast-paced punk with slimy grunge and catchy riffs and lyrics, all delivered in powerful two minute bursts.

"We're very excited that the ink is finally dry on that contract," says Dahl. "It's been an exciting year. We've been doing some great shows which I'm really excited about. The quality of the shows has just been increasingly great, especially in Denver."

Good job, Denver. The band will now be heading into the studio, and they're "going to take time because we have the luxury of time" according to Dahl. Fans can expect some kind of release in 2015.

You'll be able to see the new Warner Brothers affiliate at the Larimer Lounge on December 5. The show will surely be raucous and fun, especially in front of a hometown crowd.