Infinite Monkey Theorem Takes Canned Wines Nationwide, Hosts Halloween Can Debut

The canned craft-beer craze has overtaken the packaged beer market to the extent that it's no longer shocking to see barleywines, imperial stouts and double -- or even triple -- IPAs in 12- and 16-ounce cans in liquor-store cold cases and even at upscale bars and restaurants. But wine drinkers are a little more traditional in their consumer habits; if it doesn't come in a corked bottle, the product can seem suspect. But Infinite Monkey Theorem's CEO and winemaker Ben Parsons revels in poking tradition with a sharp stick. The winery prides itself on representing "a counter culture in winemaking"; there's no vineyard and the tasting room is an urban warehouse instead of a well-appointed estate in wine country. IMT bucked tradition further in 2011 when it introduced canned wines to Denver. Now the urban winery has redesigned the packaging to distribute the cans nationwide. See also: Golden City Brewery Stops Serving Food and Cider; Plans to Open Winery Later This Year

The cans will be available in four-pack cubes in four Colorado-produced varieties: red, white, rose and Moscato. IMT is initially targeting eight states plus Washington, D.C., but plans to expand across the country throughout next year. At $14.99 for a liter (four 250-milliliter cans), the wine is priced competitively with traditional 750-milliliter bottles.

Parsons says the labels and packaging were updated to give a bolder look on the shelf for new customers unfamiliar with the brand. "Our branding has been fairly recognizable across Denver and Colorado," he points out. "The artwork is slightly irreverent and quirky to echo the back alley winemaking culture.

"The new design is attention-grabbing and bold, and spells out what canned wine is all about," he adds.

Infinite Monkey Theorem is throwing a Halloween party at its RiNo winery and tasting room at 9 a.m. on Friday, October 31 to debut the new cans. The 21-and-over "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Drink No Evil" party will also include mulled wine, IMT cider, food from the Roaming Bull Brasserie food truck, DJs and art installations.