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Reader: Cherry Cricket Has the Best Burgers in Town!

Denverites love their burgers, and many of them really love burgers at the Cherry Cricket. That's what we heard from dozens of readers responding to one commenter's reaction when we included the Cricket on our list of the Ten Best Burgers in Denver; he called the seventy-year-old institution in Cherry Creek the most "overrated place ever."

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Says Beth:

Bullcrap. Cricket has the best burgers in town.

Says Jennifer:

Disagree completely.... The burgers are amazing!!

And then there's this from Spencer:

How cynical do you have to be to write an article calling the Cherry Cricket the most overrated place ever? Westword is such a shit paper.
How do you feel about the burgers at the Cricket? And how do you feel about Cafe Society sometimes highlighting a critical comment? Or should every Comment of the Day be positive?