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Reader: If You Want Non-GMO, Go Overpay for It at a Hippie Store

Last week Chipotle Mexican Grill officially endorsed Proposition 105, the Colorado ballot initiative that would require food that has been genetically modified or treated with genetically modified material to be labeled, "Produced With Genetic Engineering." Although Chipotle -- and other restaurants -- would not be subject to the regulation, the homegrown burrito chain is already listing menu items that contain genetically modified ingredients on its website. And although Chipole had warned that food costs are rising, partly as a result of the attention it pays to using quality ingredients, yesterday the company reported that sales had risen 19.8 percent in its third quarter -- beating Wall Street expectations. See also: Chipotle Endorses Proposition 105 Requiring Labeling of GMOs in Colorado

Chipotle is the most high-profile proponent of the measure, but there are also plenty of opponents out there, from giant Monsanto to small farmers. Says Matt:

If you want non-GMO,go overpay for it at a hippie store. GMOs are necessary to modify plants to grow in regions they normally wouldn't grow and to make them grow faster and with less water. If this passes, you will see yet another price-increase at the grocery store.

And that's okay with some supporters. Says Max:

It would be nice to know what's in what I am eating. If that's okay.
Is Proposition 105 okay with you? Read many more comments on the GMO label requirements here, and post your own thoughts on the measure below.