Oh, Brother! Five Pairs of Restaurant Names Certain to Cause Confusion

Restaurant owners have access to a rich and varied language when they choose the names of their establishments; they can also delve in to the languages of other cultures for inspiration. In fits of creativity, new words are even invented to give individuality to a fledgling business. So it's always surprising when two unrelated restaurants in the same city wind up with almost identical names -- and it can often be confusing, too. When you're making plans with friends via text messages or attempting to map a location using GPS or Siri, like-named eateries can steer you to another suburb or put you in the parking lot of an old-school Italian joint instead of the trendy New American small-plates place you were hoping for. Here are five pairs of like-named restaurants in the metro area that could easily cause confusion -- and our suggestion for which ones should be required to grab a thesaurus to choose a replacement moniker.

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