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Reader: The Squeaky Bean Sounds Like an Extremely Overpriced Coffee Shop

When the Squeaky Bean moved from its cramped space in LoHi to expansive new digs (in a very old building, the last renovated warehouse in the area), it changed a few things: It expanded its hours, expanded its seating, expanded its menu -- and Gretchen Kurtz sampled some of those dishes for her recent review. But the Squeaky Bean also kept its commitment to locally sourced produced, and so kept its name. Was that a smart move? See also: The Squeaky Bean Could Be Too Much Fun Says TheFabulousMarkT:
Dear friends at Squeaky Bean,

I'm sure your place is lovely but please consider changing your name. Right now some have the perception that you're an extremely overpriced coffeeshop.

XOXO, Mark

What do you think of the Squeaky Bean moniker? What other spots in town have confusing names? Or simply bad ones? For inspiration, see our Ten Worst Restaurant Names in Denver.