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Reader: You Idiots at Westword Wouldn't Know Good Food If You Choked on It

This week Gretchen Kurtz reviews Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina, a welcoming spot whose deals are undeniable -- but a few dishes there could use some work, she says. Or not, respond readers. "Whoever wrote this is an idiot," writes one. "Maybe you should go to the doctor and get your tastebuds checked," says another. And then there's this:

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Says Lenny:

Screw you, Westword, you idiots wouldn't know good food if you choked on it. Go back to your pot reviews. Adelitas has great food, stiff drinks and great staff.
Having been in El Guapo, the back bar at Adelitas, last night, I can vouch for those drinks...and the friendly staff. So in the holiday spirit -- and spirits -- we're sharing this song by the Fabulous Mark T, inspired by one reader who confused Armida's with Adelitas:
When the oil starts to bleed Through the cocoa and seeds That's a mole...
Have you gone to Armida's for karaoke? Been to Adelitas for the mole? Did it have you singing a different tune?