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Reader: Cherry Cricket Is the Most Overrated Place Ever

The Best of Denver is just four months away, and our Cafe Society crew has already started eating, and eating, and eating, to narrow down the field to the winners who will be announced on March 26, 2015. One of the most competitive categories is Best Burger, last year won by Humboldt. But will it win again? See also: The Ten Best Burgers in Denver We recently posted our May 2014 list of the Ten Best Burgers in Denver on Facebook, and it's clear there are some new contenders this year: Ste. Ellie's, Hopdoddy, Burgerfi, Bingo Burger. And other old favorites are falling out of favor, with very mixed comments on the venerable Cherry Cricket.

Says Ric:

I recently visited Cherry Cricket...a group of five -- every one of our burgers was undercooked and literally bloody rare. Absolutely horrible and does not deserve to be mentioned in any top burger anything...most overrated place ever!!
But then there's this from Tom:
Cherry Cricket. ..the meat always tastes fresh and they willingly cook it any way you like it.....they don't give you shit if you want it rare. Great place!
Have you been to the Cricket lately? What did you think of your burger?