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Reader: If You Have to Explain How to Pronounce Your Name, You've Failed Branding 101

The controversy in Fort Collins over the name of Illegal Pete's -- a Boulder-based company that's slated to open its seventh spot in that city next week -- got us thinking about restaurant names that have truly offended local sensibilities. And on Friday, we served up a list of our top ten awful names: some historic (Mao, The Hole), some still going strong against all odds. (Who wants Fuzzy Tacos?)

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Readers agreed that Mao belonged on the list, and one suggested that Quaker Steak & Lube also deserved a place of dishonor . And a couple of people weighed in on our number one bad name, the unpronounceable FuNuGyz.

Says Pamela:

I worked for Buff Brothers many years ago, and I was told the acronym for FuNuGyz stands for F***ing New Guys! Same with Pifler's; Poker in the front, liquor in the rear!!

Says DonkeyHotay:

Hip Tip: if you have to instruct the public on how to pronounce -- and spell -- your made-up company name, you've FAILED at Marketing/Branding 101.

Adds Manny:

One of my favorite articles you've posted. Don't these restaurant owners have someone they bounce these names off of before registering the name of their business?
What bad restaurant names did we miss? Post your suggestions below.