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Four Golden Guys Make Bonfire Burritos Their Own

Bonfire Burritos Raymond Pierandozzi, Ian Lanier, Matt King, and Travis Toms 17025 S. Golden Road, Golden 720-556-6269

For most high-school students, lunch is a chance to catch up with friends. But for four Golden kids, lunchtime burritos at the nearby Bonfire Burritos trailer were more than just a way to escape the classroom. They ultimately became a way that the friends could stay together as business partners, building a burrito business in the town they've all called home since before they were teenagers.

Raymond "Ray" Pierandozzi moved to Golden from Philadelphia when he was in the sixth grade, and soon met Ian Lanier, Matt King and Travis Toms. Although burritos smothered in green chile hadn't been part of his early-childhood menu, anyone who moves to Colorado soon learns to love them -- and not just for lunch, but for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The four friends found their midday fix at a trailer just over a mile from Golden High School that was operated by an elderly Mexican woman. Their burrito ritual became so ingrained that they jokingly attribute their excellence in sports and academics to the "daily consumption of this super-food."

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