Art Review

Connect the Blobs in Drips, Drops, Pours and Spins at Michael Warren Contemporary

Mike McClung, the director of Michael Warren Contemporary, curated Drips, Drops, Pours and Spins, a show featuring four abstract artists who all use the liquid and viscous quality of pigments to create non-objective compositions, the subjects of which are the pigments themselves.

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The south side of the gallery is filled with luscious abstractions by Denver artist Quintin Gonzalez, who works the paint like cake icing. His bold sense of color lends his work a carnival-like character.

On the north side are the comparable works of Melanie Rothschild of Los Angeles. Particularly striking is her installation of paint drips lifted off the surfaces to which they were first applied.

In the spacious back gallery are works by California artist William Loveless, in which he drops ink or watercolors into glue so that they form point-based patterns. Finally, in the intimate niche space are drip paintings with embroidered cut-outs by L.A.-based Spanish artist Raul de la Torre. The affinities among the artists are so strong that this group endeavor reads like a solo.

Through November 22 at Michael Warren Contemporary, 760 Santa Fe Drive, 303-667-2447,