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Free Association Links Artists Ania Gola-Kumor, Sandra Kaplan and Barbara Groh

Blurred Lines Sandra Phillips Gallery 420 West 12th Avenue

Blurred Lines. The Sandra Phillips Gallery is a cozy space, making it a challenge to put on a group show, especially one made up of artists who work in large formats. But that's exactly what's on tap there now with Blurred Lines, which brings together large abstract paintings by three separate artists -- Ania Gola-Kumor, Sandra Kaplan and Barbara Groh.

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Broadly speaking, these artists have at least one commonality: Each creates paintings that are expressively done and non-objective in subject matter. But the similarities end there, which might explain the vagueness of the show's title.

First up is Gola-Kumor, represented by her signature taste for bold colors and her characteristic all-over compositions.

Then there's Kaplan, who creates work inspired by outer space (previewed this past year at the Fulginiti Pavilion) in which vaporous fields are overlaid by skeins of lines done in a muted palette of black and gray. Finally, there are Groh's paintings, in which dense grounds of saturated color are the predominating feature -- at times the only feature.

Through December 31 at Sandra Phillips Gallery, 420 West 12th Avenue, 303-573-5969, thesandraphillipsgallery.