Staycation House/Gallery Show Wants Your Domestic Self-Portait Submissions

When artists and roommates Laura Conway and Anna Winter started talking about curating their own gallery show in their home, it was crucial to challenge the traditional format of a place for art. "While subverting the white wall gallery model isn't new, we wanted to experiment in our own alternative space -- where behavior isn't orchestrated in such a prescribed manner as a gallery," says Conway.

Together, the friends came up with Staycation, a literal in-house exhibition of all mediums of art that will debut on December 6. They're currently accepting submissions for the show; installations, sculptural work, paintings, photography, film and video and performance-based work are all welcome. The idea is for artists to submit pieces that are like self-portraits, but are not limited to representations of a person's face or body.

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"It's the idea of the private/public -- your private rituals that become a self-portrait or how you move in your space; taking that and turning it into a piece, however you choose to define it," says Winter. The idea of the private and public colliding is also an integral part of this house-as-a-gallery concept.

After working on installations together at local DIY venues Dead Leaf and Rhinoceropolis, Winter and Conway were inspired to turn their own home into a gallery. Their current residence, known to many in the local DIY scene as the Goss House in Boulder, is already a haven for artists, musicians and students. As curators, Winter and Conway will transform the house for the one-night experience, painting the walls and turning bedrooms into curated installations. The attic will become a screening room for film and Conway's sister, Charlotte Conway, will be the resident baker, presenting baked goods in a sort of live-performance kitchen installation.

The name of the show itself is a nod to this transformation: "We're phrasing it as a 'vacation' from the gallery model -- a 'Staycation,'" says Conway.

From now through November 22, artists interested in submitting work can do so through the Staycation website. Conway and Winter say they have already received work from around the globe, but would like to see more from Colorado artists. All mediums are welcome, they add, and nothing is off limits.

Staycation, the one-night show, will start at 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 6 at the Goss House, 1927 Goss Street in Boulder. For more information on the show and submission details, visit Staycation's website.

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