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Why Denver's La Alma/Lincoln Park Neighborhood Deserves to Be a "Great Place"

The La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood was named one of the nation's Ten Great Neighorhoods this week by the American Planning Association. I happen to live in the neighborhood, which is bounded by Colfax Avenue to the north, 6th Avenue to the south, Speer Boulevard to the east and the South Platte River Drive to the west. All of those places are major thoroughfares, and anyone who lives in Denver knows where they are. But the response I get most often from new acquaintances who ask which neighborhood I live in is, "Huh? Never heard of it." When I tell them I live near the Santa Fe art district, a look of recognition dawns on their faces. "Ohhhhh," they say. "Cool."

But while La Alma/Lincoln Park may not be the most recognizable neighborhood or top most tourists' (or residents'?) to-do lists, boosters say it has a lot going for it -- a contention with which the APA's award-pickers agree.

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