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Geek Fuel Wants to Fill Your Mailbox with Geeky Goodness

Geeks have a tendency to self-segregate into little geeky ghettos -- Star Wars fans over here, Lord of the Rings devotees over there -- and that makes it really easy to miss out on some cool shit. If you're suffering from the effects of this self-imposed exile and would like to embrace new worlds of nerdy adventure -- and also have reason to occasionally check your mailbox -- a subscription to Geek Fuel might be just the thing.

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The Denver-based company just completed a successful Kickstarter to launch its mission of bringing joy to the mailboxes of geeks everywhere. Starting this month, it plans to deliver a box of nerd magic and mystery to its subscribers mid-month, each and every month. Inside, you could find anything from a HALO mini fig to a limited edition comic -- but no matter what, it's all geeky, and it's always a surprise.

"To me, the bigger part is just the discovery element," explains Geek Fuel founder Chaz Gray. "With each box, you have six to eight items in there, and we really try to have a cros- section of artists and genres and pop-culture brands. It's nice to be introduced to potentially new things that you wouldn't have found out about before. It's a great way to introduce yourself to products you wouldn't see otherwise, and if something resonates you can do a deeper dive."

Gray plans to keep the contents of the box fresh, tapping into both what's hot at the moment as well as up-and-coming brands and artists who haven't broken out yet. Sure, you can expect some mass-market items from your beloved franchises, but collectibles, Geek Fuel exclusives and other hard-to-find items are the box's bread and butter.

"If there's something hot that's really awesome, we want to have it represented somehow in that box," Gray says. "There are items that are timely. There are items that are retro. And there's items that are so independent, this is the sometimes the first chance for an artist or indie game developer or just an indie company to get the word out to a targeted fan base. We're unique like that. We're going to continue to push exclusives and limited edition collectibles and put a lot of value in each box, month after month."

The first batch is going out in just days, but there's still time to get in on the initial wave. Subscriptions are available in increments from one month to an entire year at a time, with the best deals available to the brave souls who join up for the long haul right out of the box. And even if you already subscribe to one or more of the other geek mystery boxes out there, Gray wants you to know that Geek Fuel will still have plenty to offer that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

"There are other companies that offer similar lines, but there are just thousands of really great products coming out every single month and to think that just six or eight are going to fulfill every geeks' fantasy is just not realistic," he says. "I know that personally I'm insatiable when it comes to geek culture. It's not like, 'Nope, that's enough geek for me this month. I'll catch you next month.' With us being smaller and a start-up, it gives us more chance to work with independent artists and manufacturers who couldn't fulfill larger quantity orders, and that's where our limited edition comes into play. We're a great opportunity to get those items out there."

To sign up, or for more information, visit the Geek Fuel website.