Timothy Heckler, Busted for Tagging in Tigger Costume: "I'm Off the Tweek Again"

Timothy Heckler has made his mark on the Denver Police Department -- and more.

Heckler's bust for alleged tagging while wearing a Tigger costume -- just in time for Halloween! -- has inspired a new DPD Facebook feature entitled "What in the Wednesday." But his own Facebook posts are stranger still. Get details and see more photos below.

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Here's the DPD Facebook post, which mistakes the character depicted in Heckler's costume for the sake of a subject-appropriate joke:

This is the first edition of "What in the Wednesday" -- where we share some of the weirdest things our officers encounter while on the streets....

Friday, Denver Police -- District 6 officers responded to the 1100 block of N. Clarkson Street, on a report of a party in a "Tony the Tiger" costume spray painting the victim's home. Before that, the suspect was also seen spray painting the pillars in from the victim's home and the sidewalk in the 1000 block of N. Clarkson Street. When officers arrived on scene, they found the suspect still in costume spray-painting a city dumpster. The suspect, 29 year-old Timothy Heckler, was arrested, and officers also recovered several cans of spray paint on him.

Accompanying the item is a larger version of the photo seen above:

Heckler's on Facebook, too, and while he hasn't posted many new images of himself (the two seen here date from 2009), he's shared his thoughts more recently.

An example is this October 13 item, in which Heckler mentions being "dressed up like things in nature" and being "off the tweek" as part of a rambling declaration that may require the ingestion of certain controlled substances to fully understand. Enjoy:

I am out of the wild just like I imagined.... NOT! Hard to be like Bear Grills on a diet of Brown Cow and Kid Cuisines occasionally dressed up like things found in nature like in that book (one of the few I've read by the way), 'where the wild things are.'

Happy to say I'm off the tweek again and after having a most pleasant/unpleasant conversation that closed down the geriatric mess hall with a few brilliant and rather like-minded folkes, I've decided our future and your kids' future (while I wait and hope to practice making some with only the most amazing woman!!! pshyeah.......) is fucked!!!! unless we all ban bullshit and ignorance and insight a certain type of Anarchy.... TBD... Until then, I was thinking while the Denver Post is doing a story on me and the Videographer is the woman of my imaginings that I want to make sweet love with and I want IT all splayed out enveloping the world in a mirth of destruction and sexually -- not to mention a sense of real freedom...-- charged trashyness and classyness..... Fuck It!!!!

Maybe my limited Facebook friends, their friends and a few of mine and natures friends and family can overrun some cheap space during Halloween and Celibrate the future of success and POSITIVE CHANGE as opposed to what I've seen bums unlike myself do to promote financial .... FUCHJ I have a mess of wicked cool thoughts and hope YE OLD AN' NEW FAITHFUL COMRADS COULD SUPPORT SUCH A WILD AGENDA SUCH AS THIS.... SAY AYE.

God i wish i had a back light.....

AND I SAY UNTO THEE...... Well, can you cunts spare any positive change?! not only for me fore i am MUB, not to be confused with a common BUM... but for yourselves and Yours BUB?!?!?!?

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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