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Reader: F*ck the War on Drugs, How About a War on Drunk Drivers?

Denny Lovern has been busted for DUI sixteen times -- so often that he's at the center of our first-ever one-man mug shot gallery. When we shared it, we asked if his example suggested a problem with Colorado's drunk-driving laws, and readers responded in a wide variety of ways. Here's one who wants tougher policies, especially in comparison with rules pertaining to other substances.

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Sharon Sandoval writes:

In Texas you can get attempted manslaughter for having one pill of ecstasy, why not for drinking and driving? I think 3rd offence, attempted manslaughter. If you haven't learned by then, you never will. You can get rehab while spending 10 years in prison. This shit should be no tolerance. Fuck the war on drugs, how about war on disgusting alcoholics who kill people driving every day.

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