Photos: Miley Cyrus Spoofs Westword Pot Cover on Instagram

We always appreciate it when men and women of genius acknowledge our work. So our imagine our delight when we discovered that Miley Cyrus, recently lauded by our own Kiernan Maletsky as pop's greatest role model, used Instagram to put herself into a vintage Westword cover illustration. See what we mean below.

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Here's the cover to a November 2012 William Breathes cover story headlined "The History of Cannabis in Colorado...or How the State Went to Pot," featuring an excellent illustration by artist Craig LaRotonda:

And now, here's Cyrus's variation, as shared on her Instagram account: Given the change in fig leaves from one image to the other, we suppose it's possible that Cyrus is smoking a blunt filled with pizza in the second image -- but we kinda doubt it.

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