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Reader: Isn't Murder Illegal? So Why Didn't Anyone Go to Jail?

Last night the holiday music flooding through the Cherry Creek Shopping Center had some competition -- from police-brutality protesters who gathered inside the mall for a "die-in," hearing stories about incidents of cop misbehavior here in Denver and singing songs, including "Amazing Grace" and a version of "The Hunger Tree" that commemorated the death of Eric Garner. See also: Police-Brutality Protesters Host Die-In at Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Says ItsAllRelative:

If Eric Garner "killed himself" because he didn't comply with the law, does this mean the NYPD killed "itself" for thumbing its nose at the law as well? Isn't murder illegal? Anyone go to jail? Thought so.....
The protesters promise that more demonstrations will be coming, including one during the Martin Luther King Jr. Marade next month....In the meantime, here's that new version of "The Hanging Tree":
Are you, are you

ready to believe

we blamed a man

who said he couldn't breathe

strange things did happen here

no stranger would it be

if we blamed a man

who said he could not breathe.

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