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Brock Butson Gets 192 Years for Making Bank Robbery (and Meth?) a Family Affair

From our time on the Schmuck of the Week beat, we've learned that schmucks often have the ability to spread their schmuckiness to those around them -- including members of their own family. By this measure, Brock Butson is a schmuck supreme, since he not only managed to earn a jail sentence measured at just shy of two centuries, but with his help, his two sons are serving jolts behind bars as well.

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Let's meet the family, courtesy of Facebook. In addition to Brock....

...there's also 24-year-old Braden.... ...and his younger brother (by three years), Nicolas: The trio are said to have taken part in seven bank robberies and one attempt in the areas of Colorado Springs and Monument between May and September of last year, although it took a while for law enforcers to link all of them together.

As the Colorado Springs Gazette pointed out, descriptions from witnesses were consistent when it came to facial features, but not in regard to height. Turns out that Braden, who robbed some of the banks, is six-two, while Nicolas, the person who knocked over the others, is an impressive six-ten.

Brock, for his part, drove the getaway car for each heist and is believed to have masterminded all of them -- possibly beginning long before any of the thefts took place. The Gazette points out that Nicolas accused his dad of getting him hooked on meth and heroin before "pulling him and his brother into the string of robberies." They reportedly used the proceeds they collected to buy more drugs and pay for rooming at the TravelStar Inn, which rents by the week.

While the boys were apparently ensnared in Brock's narcotics gamesmanship, prosecutors still held them responsible for their actions. Both eventually pleaded guilty to robbery charges, with Braden sentenced to two concurrent six-year terms and Nicolas getting four years.

Still, Brock is the winner/loser when it comes to time in stir. The Colorado Springs Police Department reveals that he was sentenced this week to 24 years per holdup for the seven completed robberies and the one try.

The grand total: 192 years -- and 192 Father's Days that he'll likely spend wondering if anyone will show up. Not that either Braden or Nicolas will be available for a while....

Here are booking photos for Braden, Nicolas and Brock.