See What Your City Is Doing to Crack Down on Halloween Weekend DUIs in Colorado

Welcome to Halloween weekend, a time of fun, frivolity and, for some, getting hammered and then trying to drive home. In an attempt to prevent the latter from prompting tragedy, law-enforcement agencies all over the state are focusing on DUI enforcement -- and we've got information about what dozens of them have planned. Details and more below.

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Shortly after Halloween last year, the Colorado Department of Transportation's Emily Wilfong told us there had been at least 386 DUI arrests over the Halloween weekend. However, she predicted the final number would be even higher, after all participating towns shared their data -- and she was right. The final tally was 427, with 53 taking place in Aurora, 52 in Denver and 29 in Colorado Springs, with the Colorado State Patrol adding another 24 statewide.

Even the revised total is lower than the 2012 sum of 570. Wilfong cites a number of reasons for the dip.

"It could be the number of agencies participating in the enforcement period," she notes. "But we're also really trying to saturate the market with messaging -- and we're doing a push about being very realistic. We're saying go ahead and drink, but don't drive. And it's the same with marijuana now being legalized. Our goal isn't to stop people from doing that. It's to stop people from doing it and driving. And I think the messaging is resonating with people."

If it doesn't reach some partiers, officers, deputies and troopers may. More than sixty agencies have announced impaired-driver-stopping plans for the enforcement period that began yesterday and continues through Monday, November 3. Here's what they have planned, sorted alphabetically.

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