Photos: Twitter Nation Works to Prevent Dog From Freezing to Death

Today's brutally cold weather prompted a perfect example of social media's power. In a matter of minutes, a single photo of a dog curled up outside a metro-area home mobilized media throughout the city, as well as the Denver Police Department. Here's the story.

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Here's the photo in question, as tweeted by Tonee Lawrence:

In short order, the Denver Police Department followed up with a tweet....

...and this update, which seems intended to calm those upset by the situation.

The message initially did the trick for 7News producer Kirsten Boyd....

...but not Lawrence....

...or Twitter user Romina Herrera, who wasn't buying the whole dog-chooses-not-to-use-shelter line:

In addition, Lawrence tweeted this:

Lawrence's persistence appears to have resulted in a happy ending. Around the time both CBS4 and Fox31 were joining 7News on the story, the DPD tweeted:

Her response?

Thus far, the dog hasn't tweeted his thanks. But we figure it's only a matter of time.

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