Strange But True

Missing Arkansas Pit Bull Saved in Central City After Homeless Man Tries to Trade Him for Pot

The story of Trucker the pit bull would be weird under any circumstances. After all, he disappeared in Arkansas in June only to turn up almost four months later in Central City, Colorado. But the tale becomes that much stranger given the circumstances of his rescue: A Good Samaritan bought him from a homeless man who'd reportedly tried to trade him for pot. The bizarre details and more photos below.

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Here's how the incident's described in an October 19 post on the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter Facebook page:
Success story! Trucker, a 4 year-old male Pit Bull, was stolen in Arkansas on June 29. On Friday, a Good Samaritan brought Trucker to the shelter after a homeless man, who could not care for the dog, sold him to her for $50. Luckily Trucker had a microchip, with up-to-date registration information, which led us to his owners, who were in tears when they learned he was safe. Trucker's family made the 15-hour drive from Fayetteville, AR to Dumont and had a happy reunion this morning.
A 9News piece about Trucker fills in some of the blanks. The station reports that a woman working at a casino was approached by a homeless man who offered to trade Trucker, who he identified as his companion, for some marijuana.

The woman offered him $50 instead, 9News notes -- and he gratefully accepted it. She subsequently took Trucker to the shelter, where his owners were traced.

Comments on the shelter's Facebook page reveals the identity of the Good Samaritan as Katy Ryan. She writes:
I'm so so so happy you guys found his owners, I didn't want to give Trucker up, I fell in love with him. He's the greatest dog, but the fact that he's reunited with his family makes me feel so wonderful. Thank you so much, I knew you guys would be able to help.
In a followup post, Ryan adds:
He's definitely skinny. I noticed that when I rescued him from that man. He was living on Hot Pockets and whatever the guy could get, really, but in the week and 1/2 I had him, he definitely put a little weight on, eating really good dry food 3 times a day at least & 1 can of wet food every night. I love Trucker more than words could say. I'm pretty sure he knew I'm pregnant because every night he'd lay his head on my belly and sleep next to me. But I'm so so happy that this all worked out how it did. He's a wonderful dog and deserves the world. I'm so happy he's back with his family.
Equally grateful is Trucker's Arkansas family. One member posted the following:
Everyone loves Trucker! He IS the greatest dog. Many tears, stolen dog fliers and sleepless nights over the last 3 1/2 months. We are so happy. Trucker slept all the way home except to keep an eye on my brother every time we'd stop. He's lost a lot of weight but looks wonderful to us. No words can express our gratitude. By brother says he feels whole again.
Keep on Truckin'.

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