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Reader: James Holmes Should Be on Trial, Not His Victims' Emotions

Attorneys for Aurora theater shooter James Holmes have asked the judge in the case to instruct victims that if they become too emotional, they won't be allowed to testify. This approach incensed many of our readers, including this one.

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Joshua Trotter writes:

Of course they would still be emotional...let them speak and let the jury know that they have gone through an extremely traumatic event by that psychopath and it should NOT be held against them!!!! They should all have a chance to tell that sorry excuse of life what they think about him and what he did! There shouldn't even be a f**king trial...he was caught red-handed ,so to speak! The only thing that should be decided is whether to execute that monster or keep him locked up in a tiny, tiny cell 24/7 for the rest of his life. I personally think executing him would be letting him off too easy...he should have to suffer and rot in a cell so small he can't stretch his legs out....go medieval on his ass and torture him in every way possible for all I care...he deserves the worst for what he did and that's exactly how I feel about it.

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