Photos: Ten Answers to the Question "Does Anyone Actually ENJOY Dating in Denver?"

"Does anyone actually ENJOY dating?" asks a woman at the top of this vintage, Denver-centric thread. And the answers she receives run the gamut, painting a portrait of dating in Denver that captures the good, the bad and the ugly of the scene. We've photo-illustrated our picks for the ten most memorable responses. Check them out below.

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First post:
I've reached the point where I am officially burnt out on dating. I had a boyfriend when I first moved to Denver, then we broke up in August, and I've been out with a few guys since, but...I am so over dating. It's not that I'm a bitter manhater, but dating is so time consuming and I'd much rather do my own thing or hang out with my friends than wasting my time on a guy.

I feel like something's wrong with me. 30 is on the horizon and I feel like I should have this urge, this need, like so many girls my age, to "land the one."

But, um, I'm not interested. If someone comes along who's rad, awesome, but I'm done putting time into total randoms.

I got into a discussion with a male friend of mine recently about dating, wherein we both complained about being "so over it" and how it's just not fun to us, and he remarked, "We're just not the kind of people who are into dating...there are a lot of people who are, but we're not it."

Really? Seriously? People actually LIKE this?

When I was in my early 20s, I found it fun and amusing. At the very least, I always had funny date stories to share. Then there's the "well, at least I made a friend out of this" when it amounts to nothing. Riiiight.

So ... does anyone actually ENJOY dating?

I've found that the majority of singletons in Denver love the single life -- as do I -- and are in no rush to settle. Is that why we're one of the best city for singles and not singles-looking-to-settle down?

Anyway, so...does anyone enjoy dating? For real? Why?

I'm seriously interested. Maybe I need an enlightened perspective :-)
Number 10:
Well, lessee... I like having a girlfriend. I like having someone who's just MORE than my friend. Not just the lover part, which is of course, the best part, but deeper. I don't think I've just found myself at that point without the dating part first, well once or twice, maybe. ;) Is dating fun? It should be! If not, well then maybe it's time to spend some time on yourself and with yourself, first. There isn't anything wrong with dating hiatuses(sp?) I personally enjoy blind dates, but I understand that I am some type of mutant. I just really enjoy learning about other people and the experiences and events that have formed beliefs, values (what made you who you are). I like women and the stories that they have to tell.
Number 9:
I hate dating. I love having a boyfriend but hate all the crap that happens before you're "official" and/or you meet him. It completely and utterly blows. I do, however, feel that it's necessary sometimes for certain individuals who are getting over a bad break-up or need a little self-esteem boost.
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