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Reader: I Let My Red Card Expire Because Medical Marijuana Didn't Work for Me

Recent data suggests that more medical marijuana patients are dropping off the state registry. One reader wasn't surprised, since he considers the MMJ system to be bullshit, albeit a necessary step toward broader legalization. In response, we heard from someone with another possible reason why red cards aren't being renewed.

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Amelia Raite writes:

I just saw the reader Comment of the Day for 9/29/2014 by John Wolfe stating, "The honest answer here is that lots of people bought red cards, don't need them anymore, and aren't paying to have them anymore. That system was bullshit in the first place, but a necessary step in the evolution of MJ legality." I would like to offer an alternate point of view about non-renewing red carders, such as myself, for whom the MMJ system was not bullshit, despite the fact that I will not be renewing my red card.

I have had ongoing medical problems and chronic pain for the past four years that became so severe, I'm no longer able to work or attend college. After reading so many hopeful stories about MMJ, I got a red card and tried it. It didn't help me at all, so I won't be renewing my red card, but I also won't become a retail marijuana customer. For some people suffering from chronic medical conditions, MMJ and red cards were a beacon of hope, something else to try in the hunt for a cure. Within the chronically ill population using MMJ, some found relief and some didn't. Perhaps some of the lack of red card renewals are due to people like me.

Stories like mine might be in the minority, but are an alternate viewpoint to consider.

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