Denny Lovern, Sixteen-Time DUI Arrestee: A One-Man Mug Shot Gallery

"To say Plaintiff Denny Lovern has a problem with alcohol, and in particular drinking and driving, is an understatement," notes a recent U.S. Court of Appeals judgment prompted by Lovern's arrest for crashing into a wall and a fence with a blood alcohol content of .321, roughly four times the legal limit. It's one of what 9News calculates as sixteen DUIs -- a record that calls into question Colorado's laws pertaining to keeping chronic drunk drivers off the streets.

But Lovern has absolutely no problem taking an amazing mug shot. 9News collected a whopping twenty Lovern booking photos from over the years, and each one is more memorable than the last. Check out our first-ever one-man mug-shot gallery below, followed by the aforementioned U.S. Court of Appeals document and an affidavit tracing Lovern's startling arrest history.

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