Vadym Pecherskyi Allegedly Takes Groping Stewardesses to New Heights on DIA Flight

There have been other DIA-bound passengers busted for unwanted sexual advances on flight attendants over the years. But the accusations contained in an affidavit aimed at Vadym Pecherskyi, a 42-year-old from Kiev, Ukraine, hit new heights of creepiness, with one alleged victim saying she felt he would have raped her and a co-worker if given half a chance. Continue for the incredible details and the complete document.

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Around 9 p.m. on October 27, according to the report, an FBI special agent in Denver was informed about a disturbance aboard Delta flight 2525 from Atlanta to DIA.

"Disturbance" is a major understatement based on the comments of two female flight attendants, known simply by the initials G.P. and J.M.

G.P. is quoted as saying that Pecherskyi was seated in the first-class section of the flight. Then, shortly after the plane left Atlanta, he allegedly stepped into the forward galley and "stood behind her, making full body contact." But that's not all. Here's an excerpt from the affidavit:

He subsequently put his lips on her neck and later touched her back and then moved his hand to her buttocks. At one point during the flight, he sat next to her on her jumpseat, put his hand on her thigh, and then started to move his hand up and under her dress. She repeatedly told him not to touch her and she estimated, after the first time she told him this, he touched her on her legs and hips, among other places, between seven and ten times. She described his touch as "squeeze and hold.
G.P. was so upset by this behavior that she was reportedly afraid to "take her position in the forward galley to protect the cockpit and she did not go aft in the aircraft to check on the other flight attendants."

If anything, the story told by J.M. is even worse. She came into the first-class section to help G.P., and wound up receiving extraordinarily vile treatment. Another excerpt:
Mr. Pecherskyi told her he liked her and made a hand gesture like he wanted to have sex with her. This gesture involved him pointing to her, pointing to himself, and slamming his closed fist sideways into his open hand as if to "slam her." He also ran his hand from her lower back onto her buttocks. Later, he placed her in a headlock and jerked her toward himself. She repeatedly told him not to touch her and she estimated, after the first time she told him not to touch her, he touched her around seven or eight more times which she described as basically every time he was close enough to touch her. He also tried to kiss her several times and when she got back from him he laughed as if to mock her.
J.M. added that she thought Pecherskyi "would have raped her, as well as G.P., in the galley if he could have."

Upon his arrival in Denver, Pecherskyi, who's said to have downed "approximately two alcoholic drinks" while airborne, was promptly arrested. He's now been formally accused of interference with flight crew members, an offense that could net him twenty years in prison, a $250,000 fine and the deep disgust of the traveling public as a whole. Here's the aforementioned affidavit.

Vadym Pecherskyi Affidavit

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