Porta-Potty Peeper Luke Chrisco Suing Boulder for $99,999 or "Equal Amount of Gold Coinage"

Remember Luke Chrisco, the guy who was arrested back in 2011 for hiding inside the tank of a porta-potty in order to scope the underside of users at a Boulder-area yoga festival? Well, he's back with another memorable gambit. Even as he faces a possible return to a cell for allegedly violating the terms of his probation, he's reportedly suing the Boulder County Sheriff's Office and the county jail for the way he was treated while in stir. The amount noted in his suit: $99,999 or "an equal amount of gold coinage."

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As we reported at the time, Chrisco has made his mark on the Internet under a variety of monikers, including Omni Rainbow and Skye Oryan, whose YouTube channel features clips, including this one, in which he demonstrates his thigh-rubbing technique:

Creepy, especially when you consider where those hands have been....

In June 2011, we noted that a woman attending the Hanuman Festival stepped inside a portable lavatory -- and when she lifted the toilet's lid, she saw something moving in the deep, dark depths below.

Cue shock, horror and a quick escape, after which she fetched a man and asked him to look inside. He, too, saw movement beneath a tarp inside the tank, and after exiting the chamber, he heard the door lock behind him. At that point, he summoned a security supervisor, who waited outside for someone (or something) to come out.

His reward for such patience was the sight of a slender, black-haired white man, standing between six-feet-five and six-feet-eight inches tall, with cuts on his back and arms and wearing only a pair of sweatpants.

He thought the latter were gray, but given what the man had been soaking in, that was probably a guess.

No, the security staffer didn't try to tackle the guy after he declined to take a seat and ran off. You wouldn't have, either.

As the public wondered what yoga move the guy had used to squeeze into the tiny space -- the Sleeping Vishnu? the Corpse? -- cops statewide kept an eye out for the alleged perpetrator. And days later, a Vail officer noticed a resemblance between Chrisco, who'd been pulled over on Interstate 70 after being spotted panhandling at a local gas station, and the description of the john-peeping-tom suspect seen in the follow mug shot:

Afterward, most folks in his painful (in more ways than one) position would have clammed up. But not Chrisco, who soon sat down with Fox31 for a jailhouse interview in which he referred to spying on urinating or defecating women -- "the highest creature in the universe," he maintained -- as "praising God" and said, "It sounds kind of weird, but I would just find my peace and go away -- say, 'Thank you, goddesses,' and go about my night."

That's not all. Chrisco also told the Fox31 crew and Boulder cops about some additional favorite peeping spots in Boulder, including an area Target and a number of restaurants. Detectives following up on these claims found peepholes at among other places, a Department of Motor Vehicles branch, the Naropa University and the Boulder Café, all of which were subsequently sealed.

All of this weirdness resulted in a strange brand of notoriety for Chrisco, who was immortalized, more or less, in the following animated video about his actions:

But in July 2013, the fun was over: Chrisco pleaded guilty to burglary and attempted unlawful sexual contact as part of a deal that led to prosecutors dropping other counts, including misdemeanor criminal invasion.

The result was a three-year sentence -- yet Chrisco is already free on parole. However, the Boulder Daily Camera reveals that he faces the prospect of more jail time since he apparently hasn't been taking part in sex-offender treatment that was a condition of his release.

In the meantime, though, the Camera reveals that Chrisco has filed a hand-written lawsuit against the Boulder sheriff's office and jail, alleging "harm and flagrant deprivation" of his rights via discrimination against him due to his status as a sex offender, the loss of his legal documents and repeated moves within the detention center "without cause for the purpose of driving me insane." He claims these issues drove him to attempt suicide not once but twice.

At a court session yesterday, Chrisco is said to have represented himself -- and he successfully got a the judge to push back a probation-violation hearing from next month to December. In addition, he asked for "expanded media coverage." Too bad that kind of request is typically made by media organizations, not people hoping for a little extra spotlight time.

Hope this post satisfies at least part of that desire, Mr. Chrisco. Here's a larger look at his latest booking photo:

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