Readers Weigh In on Drag Queens and Sexual Harassment

The Diva Dozen," Keith Garcia, January 22

Life's a Drag!

Always loved Nina Flowers. So beautiful, and man, I wish I could make up like that!
Chanek Hilbrands
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Some of these are dead-on, but I think some are seriously wrong. I question the qualifying criteria.
Sarah Ingram
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The day will come where we stop as a "community" hating on and talking smack about each other — the very people who should be supporting each other the most! How can we expect others to accept us when it's clear through this very thread that we can't even accept ourselves within the gay community? Sad. How about lifting people up, congratulating people for a job well done and, most important, being supportive of one another? Congratulations to all of the drag performers! Excellent! Way to go!

It is so promising to see people from the gay community being featured on the cover, and in a major article in a straight publication! Slow and steady baby steps.
Kelly Insinna
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"Sex, Pot and Politics," Off Limits, January 29

Pot Shots

Even though he is running for Denver City Council, Kayvan Khalatbari needs to enunciate a position on state felonies for cannabis and the misspending of the unconstitutional sales-tax surcharges by the state and Denver. The industry's political stance has been completely slavish and motivated entirely by greed. Anyone coming from it proposing to run for public office has some explaining to do!
Robert Chase

"Tell No One," Alan Prendergast, January 15

Sue for yourself

As if the VA doesn't have enough internal problems! Women, do this: Conceal a small digital tape recorder ($40 to $60 at Walmart) on your person at all times if in such a coercive work situation. Routinely keep it turned on from shift start to shift end every workday for the cost of three AAA batteries a week. Then document, document, document, report, report, report...and sue, sue, sue...if it comes to that.

Let's start a movement. If a male sexual predator (males and children are also sometimes sexually assaulted) or date-rapist exposes himself to penetrate, etc., just break "it" in half. Then run, and yell, and subsequently file criminal and civil charges to the max allowable under the law. Eventually you will be vindicated...unless, of course, you work for the VA.
Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs