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Beer Calendar: Say Bye to Avery's Old Tap Room and Hi to Beers at TRVE, Comrade, Beryl's

"To anyone who gives a shit" -- that's how Renegade Brewing founder Brian O'Connell began his open letter concerning Anheuser Busch's now infamous craft-beer-bashing Super Bowl commercial and its recent purchase of two craft breweries. "Buyouts have been a hot topic lately with the recent purchase of 10 Barrel Brewing and Elysian Brewing by AB InBev. As a small brewery owner, I have reflected a lot on these changes to the industry and here is why these purchases should matter to you the consumer." O'Connell goes on list those reasons, along with a passionate argument for independence in the industry. You can read the full letter on the third page of this calendar, after all of the events for the week.

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