United in Orange: A Colorful History of the Denver Broncos

Only in Denver can you walk down the street wearing bright orange and completely blend in. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, what the Denver Broncos' record is or who's playing quarterback -- this city represents its team to the fullest.

Mayor Michael Hancock, who once played mascot Miles, might be the team's biggest fan. As Denver prepares for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, he wants to see so much orange that he proclaimed today "United in Orange Day" in Denver-- calling on Broncos fans city-wide to proudly display our orange pride with the same fervor and chestiness we do every Sunday.

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But why orange? Most of us are too pumped on Peyton Manning or liquored up to ever give the color a second thought, but after more than fifty years of that hue defining and adorning this city, it's time for a replay.

The Beginning

The Broncos were founded in 1960 as one of the original members of the American Football League. The team's owner, Bob Howsam, was so cheap that he bought the first Broncos uniforms used from the 1959 Tucson Copper Bowl. The uniform's former owners probably couldn't get rid of the hideous brown and mustard-yellow uniforms fast enough, and neither could Broncos players. The team would go on to hold a public bonfire after one season, with Denver fans cheering as the uniforms were burned.

Orange you glad you're not wearing shit-brown and mustard-yellow today?

Move to Orange

When then-Broncos head coach Jack Faulkner finally got his wish for new uniforms in 1963, he was expecting to receive uniforms with a burnt orange tint similar to what you'd see the Texas Longhorns wearing. Considering how much Colorado loves Texas, Faulkner didn't know how lucky he was when bright orange jerseys arrived instead.

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