The Diva Dozen: Denver's Top Twelve Drag Performers

The runaway success of Logo TV's RuPaul's Drag Race has brought the subculture of drag performance into the spotlight, creating a global platform for the fabulous personalities who can blur gender lines into a fine and ferocious powder, polish their faces with it and then command a stage. The year before the show debuted in 2009, Puerto Rican transplant Nina Flowers had moved to Colorado and immediately began shaking up the Denver scene — where the "classic" style of drag, a pageant-based look, had endured for decades — by busting through the norms of drag and recreating it with a true artist's brush. So it seemed like kismet that Flowers was cast on that first season of Drag Race (the only Denver contestant so far), and the blooming of both Flowers and America's newest obsession laid the groundwork for Denver's drag community to take its art to the next level. See also: 100 Colorado Creatives — Keith Garcia