Breeality Bites

My Denver, My Dream for How to Keep It Great

Earlier this year, I penned a love letter to Denver, the city I used to know. It wasn't meant to be more than a lamenting for a physical place that no longer exists -- a remembrance of the city that I have been watching change since 1980. Denver, like many cities, is experiencing a boom, but we are perhaps feeling it more than most: The Mile High City has outpaced the national rate of growth every decade for the past eighty years.

As we continue to see more humans populate our city-space, I worry a lot about how to keep intact the things that make Denver Denver. If you've just moved here from a smaller city, imagine going back to where you grew up six months from now and not recognizing it. This is the reality of Denver at the moment. But as 2014 comes to a close, here are some things that I'm dreaming about for 2015, things we can all do to keep Denver great.

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