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Reader: A$$holes Like Christopher Loncarich Are Why I Have to Defend Why I Hunt

Alan Prendergast's story about Christopher Loncarich, a hunting guide who received a 27-month sentence for "going to absurd lengths to insure that the slaughter of mountain lions and bobcats in Utah and Colorado," prompted a vigorous conversation, with many hunters taking care to distance themselves from Loncarich's behavior. Here's an example.

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Dale Luginbill writes:

This story infuriated me! This is the reason I have to defend myself about why I hunt. This idiot isn't a hunter. He is a greedy bastard and would be doing unethical and illegal actions in whatever occupation he chose. I have no problem with trophy hunting, I don't. As long as it's all done in fair chase! What's the damn point of pitting your skill against the wilds if you cheat?! Just goes to show, there are assholes in every walk of life. All we can do, is be the better man.

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