Dragondeer on Artopia and the Power of Positive Encouragement

Artopia, Westword's annual celebration of art, culture and fashion, returns to City Hall on February 21. In addition to plenty of visual artists and the Whiteout fashion show, the event will feature some highlights from Colorado's music scene — this year, over a dozen groups and artists will perform on four stages. 

We're checking in with several of those artists about the state of Denver's scene and what you can expect next Saturday. Today: Dragondeer, which will perform an acoustic set in City Hall's Gallery Room. We talked to singer and guitarist Eric Halborg. 

Westword: How did you get into music/performing?

Eric Halborg: I was a rabid music listener always. I worked at an indie record store outside of Chicago in high school and the obsessive immersion in songs, records, radio waves naturally lead me to playing instruments and wanting to write my own songs.

How do you describe your music/work?

Psychedelic blues

What should people know about what you'll be performing at Artopia?

Dragondeer is usually a four piece band. For the performance at Artopia we'll play as a stripped down two piece.

What's your favorite thing about the Denver arts/music scene?

Great venues, down to earth musicians, and music hungry folks coming out to shows en masse

What's the one thing that could most improve the Denver art/music scene?

Musicians encouraging other musicians to keep at it: work on their craft. Teaching each other what we've learned along creative ways. I think that's happening here in Denver now, but more of it would always be welcome and cultivate the awesome here even further.