Reader: Brunch Is Awesome! Who Doesn't Like Waiting With Hungover Hipsters?

What's the best brunch in Denver? Our Best of Denver crew is eating as fast as it can in anticipation of the Best of Denver 2015, which will hit the streets (and the Internet) on March 26. Can any brunch spot beat Fooducopia, winner of the Best Brunch 2014?

There are definitely contenders, including the eleven other weekend hangouts listed on our Twelve Best Brunch Spots in Denver list — which prompted this from Darnell24: 
Brunch is awesome. I mean, who doesn't like spending their Sunday morning waiting in line with a bunch of hungover hipsters for some overpriced mimosas and scrambled eggs.

Count me in!!!!
Do you think Darnell woke up on the wrong side of the bed? If you're a brunch-lover and willing to share, spill the names of your favorite spots in the comments section — just click on the conversation icon on the far right at the top of this page.