Reader: Restaurant Food Is Bad — Stay Home and Eat a Nice Salad!

Denver takes its fast-casual seriously — very seriously. In fact, some of the country's biggest fast-casual chains have gotten their start in this city. There's Chipotle, of course; founder Steve Ells opened his first store at 1644 East Evans Avenue more than twenty years ago. But Denver has also given birth to Noodles & Company, Tokyo Joe's, Smashburger, Garbanzo and many other concepts — enough that we had no problem coming up with our list of Denver's Five Best Homegrown, Fast-Casual Chains.

But one reader definitely has a problem with our list. Says Jann: 
Actually, they all suck. None of them are any good for you. All their food is bad. Restaurant food is bad. Stay home eat a nice salad.
Or go out for a nice salad — maybe even at one of the places on our list! What's your favorite fast-casual spot in town? And would you eat a salad there? Post a comment by clicking on the conversation icon on the far-right on the top of this page.