Cannabis Calendar for the Week of February 23: Tighter Caregiver Regs?

Don't let the snow freeze you out from enjoying some comedy, industry mixers and more in this week's cannabis calendar — and there are some important local and state political developments to monitor, as well.

After several delays, Pueblo City Council is scheduled to vote on several rules regarding cannabis during its regular meeting at 7 p.m. today on the third floor of Pueblo City Hall, located at 1 City Pl. in Pueblo. The new rules would determine whether Pueblo citizens could grow cannabis in their homes or be restricted to growing in a separate, enclosed structure on their property. Limits on homegrown medical marijuana for patients living on the property are also being considered, as is a possible requirement for caregivers to register with the Pueblo Police Department.

Enjoy food, cocktails and live music at one of Grow Big Supply's weekly industry mixers at 5 p.m. Thursday, February 26, at Grow Big Supply, located at 4501 Wynkoop St. Vendors and soil experts will also be on hand.

The Colorado State Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hear SB 15- 014 — a bill that would introduce a number of new regulations to medical marijuana patients, physicians and caregivers — Thursday, February 26, at 1:30 p.m. in room 352 of the State Capitol Building. The bill would set new standards for physicians prescribing medical marijuana to patients claiming "severe pain" as a symptom, and would require caregivers to register with the state within ten days of being asked to do so (or lose his/her license permanently) and to inform their patients of the potential contaminants and untested THC levels their products have. It would also require the caregivers licensing authority and state health agency to share the necessary information to ensure that no patient has more than one caregiver.

Laugh your ass off with some pot-infused comedy and cocktails this Friday at 8 p.m. during Cannabash at City Hall. The standup show and industry mixer will feature Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller and fellow comedian Adam Cayton-Holland. Learn more here. Tickets are $15. 21+

Green Labs Working Space continues to indulge those looking to enjoy cannabis and food pairings with Saturday's Coffee and Cannabis class. The two-hour workshop will cost $40 per ticket. 21+

Try your best to avoid brainwash and explosive laughter while watching the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's comedic musical take on Reefer Madness — the anti-pot propaganda film from 1936. The play will run Thursday-Sunday from February 12 to March 1. For tickets or more information, click here.

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