Reader: We Still Have the Lakeview Lounge — Great Dive Bar

At the end of the week, we'll post our Restaurant Roll Call for February, a compendium of the openings and closings over the past month. There's been plenty of action on the local drinking and dining scene — including last call for the Rustic Tavern, a fixture on our Ten Best Dive Bars list, which closed after decades of service in northwest Denver.

Some weren't sorry to see it go. Says WillieStortz:
That place and the pond scum that frequent it have been a black eye on the neighborhood for years.

It's nice that the kids that go to school near by will no longer have walk past the filthy drunks shaking on the sidewalk waiting to get their morning fix.

Replies Michael: 
All the hate! At least she ran a clean place, as opposed to the Lakeview. Maybe not *your* place, but it was a neighborhood staple, and the pink sign will be missed.
 And then there's this from Shannon:  
Still have Lakeview Lounge across from the lake. Great dive bar.
For the record, the Lakeview Lounge rated the Best Dive Bar award in the Best of Denver 2014. What spot should win this year? Pour out your favorites in the comments section.