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Reader: Don't Complain About the Shortage of Good BBQ Spots — Patronize the Ones We Have

One of the most common complaints about Denver's dining scene is the lack of good barbecue joints here. When CJ Johnson opened Kings BBQ last year in Wheat Ridge, he was trying his best to help fill that gap with juicy brisket and ribs — but Kings recently closed.

Says theFabulousMarkT: 

It's a vicious, vicious cycle, isn't it?

Folks say, "Oh, Denver's food scene sucks, 'cause there's no good X food in town." Then a good X restaurant opens, and no one goes to it. So then it closes, and once again we hear, "Oh, there's no good X" for the bajillionth time.

Is it just that folks are never happy unless they have something to complain about?
Are people happier when they have something to complain about? Or would a big plate of pulled pork satisfy even the crankiest diner? Where do you go when you want good barbecue in metro Denver?