Dancing With the Stars

As if I don't already have enough chef Troy Guard/Sullivan Group stuff kicking around in print, here's another tidbit. In a recent conversation, spin mistress Leigh Sullivan let it slip that she'd just been on the phone checking on dance lessons for Troy, her husband..

"Seriously? Dance lessons? What for?" I asked.

"Because he's going to be doing that charity thing, 'Dancing for a Cause,' in October," Leigh said.

"Doing what? Cooking?"

"Oh, no," Leigh told me, laughing evilly. "He's going to be dancing. A minute and a half."

"Does Troy know this?"

"Not yet."

As it turns out, Leigh's ever-loving hubby had made some sort of off-color remark on his way out the door to visit his restaurant kingdom — a remark that rubbed Leigh the wrong way. Unfortunately for Troy, the next person Leigh talked to was a friend of hers who'd called to ask if she or Troy might be interested in doing something at an October 7 benefit for the Colorado Neurological Institute. Leigh assured her that Troy would be thrilled to dance for them (along with a bunch of other local celebrities) and told her to sign his punk ass up. Then she scheduled him for dance lessons. Then she talked to me.

"See, don't fucking piss me off on your way out the door," she said. "You never know what'll happen."

For more info on the event (which, thank God, will also include costumes for the dancers and pros to be paired up with the rookies), check out www.thecni.org. — Jason Sheehan